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The purpose of Darshana Press is to make available new translations of six treatises of ancient Indian philosophy which have come to be known as "Darshanas", along with the first book of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, which predates them and may be seen as foundational to them. The translations reveal all seven compositions to be expositions of an epistemological dualism grounded in subjective idealism and solipsism. Most of these works take the form of a dialectic, with the author expounding the dualist philosophy, and an opposing voice insisting instead on adherence to the religious beliefs and customs of the time, including the doctrine of reincarnation, the practice of Vedic rites, and the caste system. The present translations are radically different from the available Victorian ones, as well as the many modern translations of the Yoga Sutra. With interpolations identified and false sutra-numbering corrected, the original orderly structure of Darshanas becomes clear and their meaning becomes easy to understand with only minimal explanatory commentary. The reader should also find it useful to download the notes on the translations, which further explain the uniqueness of them, and the article on Solipsism to help in understanding the philosophy.

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